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Promoting sustainable agriculture in Chile

a farmland diagnostic mobile webapp

We worked with the Chilean agricultural ministry to create PrediApp. It is based on the agroecological transition methodology created by Chile’s Center for Education and Technology (CET).


Technology strategy
Product definition
Creative direction
UX/UI design
Full-stack development
QA and testing
Progressive Web App development


Ruby on Rails
Progressive web app (PWA)


Web application




The objective was to create a platform that could be accessible in remote areas with no internet access and could be later synced to the cloud. The application needed to allow users to determine the diagnosis of a farmland or “predio” through a form assessment.

The methodology was designed by CET (Chile's Center for Education and Technology), and the project was sponsored by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) and SIPAN (Red de Patrimonio Agrícola Nacional).


Assessment form
The app makes a diagnosis of a farm through a form that is filled out.

Results visualization
After the form is completed, two visualizations are generated showing the dimensions considered in the agroecological transition methodology.

Offline synchronization
When there is no internet connection, diagnoses can be created and stored locally. The app detects when the network is back and sends the content to the cloud.

Report generation
The assessment then generates a report that can be used by technicians to suggest actions for farmers that promote more sustainable agricultural practices to help regenerate Chile’s agricultural land. The app includes an optional form to design activities that address areas of opportunity.


Since its release in 2022, 700 users have registered and completed more than 1800 assessments.

In 2023 Prediapp was highlighted as a success story at the FAO Transform Exhibition.

The assessment identifies areas of opportunity for farmers to adopt more sustainable agricultural practices that can help regenerate Chile’s agricultural land.

In addition, further data analysis has enabled decision-makers to gain insights into Chile's agricultural transformation.

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