— Jericho

AI-Powered Cybersecurity Enterprise Platform

We created a complete AI-powered cybersecurity training platform to test and train employees

We helped Jericho Security during their initial MVP and post-seed phases, providing them with a compelling product that impressed investors.

In the second phase of the project, we enhanced product capabilities and added new features, which allowed our client to successfully gain enterprise customers.

Telos further supported Jericho in creating its internal engineering team.


Technology strategy
Product definition
UX/UI design
Graphic Design
Full-stack development
QA and testing


Ruby on Rails
OpenAI API integration


Admin panel
Web platform
Updated design system
Marketing materials and landing page


Web Application


The objective of the project was to create a phishing simulation engine using generative AI, accompanied by cybersecurity training content for employees.

Our client came to us with a vision and concept. Our product/design team helped define features, which we then designed, developed, tested, and released. We collaborated with a top tier design agency for some of the design, and significantly adapted it to the needs of the product roadmap.


Generate phishing simulation emails
Users can generate personalized phishing simulation emails using AI and dark web data.

Manage and monitor phishing simulation campaigns
Users can send personalized phishing emails to their employees, and track their behavior on a dashboard.

Report button
Employees can install report buttons on their email inbox, to report phishing emails.

Active directory integration
Organizations can use existing groups in their active directory to send campaigns, and monitor cyber security KPIs.

Generate and monitor training initiatives
Users can generate personalized training materials using AI. These materials can be sent to employees, and track training completion on the platform.

Reporting and dashboards
Users can download campaigns and quarterly reports to understand the security health of their organization.

Admin panel capabilities


We launched Jericho’s MVP in less than four months and supported their initial beta testing phase. Afterward, we continued supporting the development of new features in the ensuing year.

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